Friday, February 25, 2011

Keep on keeping on!! Be strong and never give up hope

  Spring is around the corner with some tulips looking up from the snow around town, garden season will be here also!  Thankful that winter and snow doesn't last forever.  Thankful for daily blessings and the freedom we have in this country.  God bless our soldiers!  
 My son got his driver's permit, so we are on the road to another stage of life and wow! it all happens so fast ...he is mature and learns so quick-- of that I am thankful.. 
Even with the weighs of health problems, seeing so many suffering, we keep looking upward and seeing people that need an encouraging word!!!

  Thank you friends and family--what  a BLESSING!!! 

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

some sweeps ending today to check out!!! FEB 15th!

For those gamers on the Nintendo there is a sweeps for Cosmos Chaos at :
looks like a great learning game that would keep them busy for a time.  Moms like the learning and the keeping busy part!! good luck !
Win a Kitchenaid blender and some yoplait--who wants smoothies??
please visit  to put your comment in for a chance !!! This would be great for some spring/summer treats !!! This can also be used in your weight loss ventures or for some nice party ideas..Good luck !
Who loves goat's milk and all the grandeur???  I must say we have some local farms that use goat's milk for soaps and it is beyond compare for keeping skin soft.  Stop over to confessions of an overworked mom to  enter for $ 20 GC to use for your special soaps.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Gall bladder surgery done! whew

I am so thankful for the drs and nurses I had at our local hospital and that this week has flown by with no complications!!! wheeeeee--surgery time is not my fave--as migraines always strike and they are worse than the actual event!
I WILL NOT be posting a post surgical photo my spouse took with the iphone--but that morphine smile--that was the happies!
  Also thankful to my church family that kept the family fed for the week and the other friends that checked in on me!!  I love them all!!! God bless the compassion in others!!!