Friday, August 12, 2011

Grasshopper Dog Time !!

I just found out my dog Dante has a splendid attraction to the grasshoppers looming...hmmm...

And the some of the other critters were wanting their photos also today!!!

She is contemplating! should I lay an egg or ????

This male Silkie is always taking charge of his hens!!

I know this is not a critter!!! LOL! but I love the color we have this year!
Have a blessed weekend to family and friends !!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Keep close to God---He WILL bless you!! What an awesome God we have

We have an AWESOME God who is always there, but sometimes we move away from Him and the consequences are not to great! We move closer to Him and the blessings pour through all, we can conquer all with God by our side, lest we not stray in the world--BUT get back on track when there are those mistakes.

  A relationship with our AWESOME God is astounding and THE one that needs daily growth!  Thankful for our Lord and all HE has done for me and my family!
Blessings to my family, friends near and far!
Keep coming closer to God, HE NEVER moves--we do!

I am trying to outreach to as many ppl on death row as I can, one person at a time, my Project Jesus!  Keep reaching others for Christ!!