Thursday, February 27, 2014

Journey along AS is a pain in the...well you know Ankloysing Spondylitis

Ankylosing spondylitis is a long-term type of arthritis. It affects the bones and joints at the base of the spine where it connects with the pelvis. These joints become swollen and inflamed. Over time, the affected spinal bones join together.

As the pain that has fancied itself a real hang in there trooper, it is sure true to itself, hanging on daily, reminding you , "I'm here!".  This ankloysing spondylitis is a real changer in life, activities, attitude adjustment I must say.  It will limit you, push you, taunt you ( no pain in that joint today and the next-hello!) with any disease , you will re-evaluate life, you might whine, growl, moan, but then pick yourself up and say "I'm going to keep going and you are not beating me!"

  A lot of pep talks to get through the mindless chores of the days, praying unceasingly.  I finally told friends about this 'caring' disease and the support of great people is overwhelming .  Care, love and understanding, so simple, yet so important.  The others may not understand and say "but you don't look sick" in mindless little words of which I agree and say you can't see my insides.
  So on this journey of #3 in autoimmune disease, I will journal on what is working for me naturally, as prayerfully I consider each step and maybe in hopes to give a light to others.

  I will say I have not been officially diagnosed, this is suspicious and sure to me, I have kyphosis, bone spurs, scoliosis, have had pain since younger child years (growing pains), mid back pain for many years, have wry neck since birth.  2012 or little before , pain started in tailbone and no injury, couldn't sit in most chairs or a couch.  That had moved to a hip, went away, had shin pain along with pain in chest that I thought was heart issues as I was taking yaz for years or perhaps a blood clot, but checked all clear.  Those pains are common (rib pain) as those went away for months then snuck back in.  Since then , the sacrum area , not lower back has been pain daily, laying certain positions or hard time walking when it's really in a flare.  I was going  3 days of a flare or worse pain, then away, then later, now it's just hung daily.  Shoulder pain in joint comes and goes as well as one ankle joint.  Oh yes, gastrointestional problems come and go, good stuff!

  So X-rays, yet 2 different opinions on what was seen, they don't always show bone damage until later, I had a negative HLA test and again there are 10% or so that have AS being negative. So again go with your gut, stick to your guns! I have not gotten a MRI as that can show tendon, etc inflammation as they are expensive .  I infrequently take Advil (3) and that does help, but I can't feed myself that all the time, so only when necessary when I have important out if the house things to do. Tumeric powder in a daily smoothie with coconut oil (I hate cooking with it), yogurt, peanut butter, milk, oatmeal, banana.   My liver enzymes are some off and that can be normal in AS also I've read, so I take milk thistle for such.  High cholesterol that I take red yeast rice and coq10 as that is a must together for enzymes that can get off in the body.

  As with any chronic disease, pace yourself, you only start with so many spoons for the day as lupus sufferers say, God took activities away (and STRESS) with is a BAD thing) so I could focus on an awesome Women's Bible Group we are starting March 6.  HE knew I couldn't handle all of the things going on, so indeed HE took care of it.  Whether it is chores and normal everyday things that are so difficult to get through, PACE, and relax with that coffee, tea,'s OK to NOT get everything done, take care of yourself and you and those around you are better off!  Give GOD the Glory! Stay blessed friends!

Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding normal....PRO ESTROBLOCK

I need to get back in the groove, last year bought many turmoils, but alas, God is there and you just keep going !
  Started the new year with perhaps another autoimmune disease that is making me well known of limitations and pain that came on, been researching and hope to maintain.

  If any of you ladies are going through hormonal issues, or going off the pill, I recommend PRO Estroblock if you are having acne.  It will get worse first and take a few months to get hormones back on track.  I tried it 3 months ago after hysterectomy and yaz and still dealing with a lot skin issues, oil.  I feel it was not adequate as I still had cysts after 4 months, getting frustrated, so I contacted Estroblock and they said to try doubling it to 4, so I have tried and getting some relief, AND when your urine is dark you are still getting rid of toxins (It doesn't tell you that anywhere I seen, the rep said that)  Natural product, available at amazon a bit cheaper, but I use a pro strength and it is a little more.

  Arnica is great for bruises,mild pain , but not in the side of strong pain...I like to use herbal when I can and will.  Alas, the pain I'm having of thinking its ankloysing spondylitis is not taking kindly to the truce.  I pray for the many that have chronic health conditions, pain and suffering and to them please keep hanging in there!  It helps to know others have that endurance.

 For those looking to help others I recommend  We can always help and love others!
Stay blessed, stay well, and God be with you !

Thursday, November 22, 2012

in memory of my dear mom Nov 22, 2012 "fly away"

after enough suffering on this earth, it was time for God to take her away ...age 64, we will miss you .
She has 10 grandchildren, and was so glad that in the last of her life she got to see some of them that she had not known for 15 years.  God indeed has our lives planned to that last minute...

Friday, November 16, 2012

In memory of Grant Arterburn , a loss, a friend...

Cancer has yet taken another life today of a younger person, friend we knew.  This younger family has 4 children under 13.  Unexpected as he had started chemo not long ago, was diagnosed in October of this year, had to get foot amputated few weeks ago, and I had just spoke to his wife 10 days ago saying he was in good spirits, just sick from the chemo.
  How indeed fragile life is and never known how long our time is here in earth, just a whisper .
 In prayers to be wrapped around this grieving family, his widow, 3 boys and 1 girl, plus the other relatives around them.
 In pain no more and he will be missed by many.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

2012 cancers in family, friends...and diseases , keep fighting!

Friend just diagnosed oct 2012 , primary bone cancer, foot amputated, 4 kids under 13

 Uncle diagnosed Jan. 2012 , took treatments.

 Fibromyalgia , mom has had for many years ..

Brother in law prostate cancer 2012, treatments.

Lupus, me started appearing 2012 ? Also Hashimoto's thyroiditis 

Mom, heart blockage sept 2012 , surgery.

Stroke dad, brain stem 2005 , doing great! 

 Parents neighbor diagnosed 2012 early

 Brother in law early 2012 , took treatment 

Parents neighbor diagnosed 2012 

Me, 2012 onset ? , also have Hashimoto's thyroiditis 


Saturday, July 28, 2012

A poem... Lupus, autoimmune disease , and just well..feeling crappy!

Its not my imagination by Liz R

My right eye’s always twitching.

My legs are filled with lead.

I am forever dropping things.

And they say it’s in my head.

I have six pairs of glasses

With no two quite the same.

And I wear each one on different days

‘Cuz my eyes keep playing games.

I have this buzzing feeling

Deep inside my head.

And a jolt of electricity

Just made my feet fly off the bed.

Sometimes my throat won’t swallow.

Sometimes I pee my pants.

When I ask the docs, “Is this MS?”

They just say “There’s a chance.”

When my tongue went into spasm

It did a u-turn in my throat

And blocked my life’s-breath airway.

The doc said, “Make a note.”

My legs went numb and swollen

And doctors shook their head.

But they won’t put a label on it

Until I’m good and dead.k

The vertigo is dreadful,

The burning skin’s a pain.

The doctor give me lots of pills

And says, “Come back again!”

It isn’t diabetes

Or syphilis, or a tumor.

But they won’t tell me what it is

And I’m almost out of humor.

One neuro just shook his head

And said, “See Dr. House.”

Another actually said, “Get laid.”

A third, “Redecorate your house.”

I am not a hypochondriac.

This whimsical thing is real

So please just give me a definite name

For the crappy way I feel!

Liz R.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hidden cause of feeling sick , Hyperparathyroidism! Autoimmune disease

I would have to say I came across a speed bump this month of June being the worst, going back to Jan. Thinking it was a blood clot with such leg pain that also spread to the chest, tested and was not. Pains of sometimes fairly bad off and on in diffent places, and the energy of a sloth on tranquilizers.

I have autoimmune thyroiditis also called Hashimoto's disease and then came multi glandular thyroid that has kept one side of the thyroid lumpy, bumpy and out of whack. Then I was becoming sun sensitive as getting headaches different than migraines when being in the sun even with a hat on, debilitating fatigue, auras like before a migraine that I have not had for years,heart racing, pains again, and a blush of red that sits on my top of cheeks, so I forgo the blush these days. This was pointing to Lupus, and these have turned out negative, but the dr. Says you can still present the disease as the ANA and tests can go that way. So you don't get medicated for that disease, but monitor for changes. It is frustrating and I have read a lot of other sufferers stories.

for those suffering, please have your doctor check your calcium level in your blood, for years I have dragged back and forth with those lovely little things called parathyroid that are the size of a grain of rice that sit within that thyroid, yet again that THYROID has become enemy here, and can mimic such problems as the other autoimmune diseases. You can have many combined, and I have seen the sufferings of those that have the combo.

so I am coming back years later here again with high calcium levels, that can be dangerous itself, and waiting for the PTH to come back. That is the testing of the parathyroid gland. I am waiting in hope as this terrible feeling of barely making it is such a drag literally.

Prayers for all those suffering autoimmune diseases, fibromyalgia, and the incapacitating disorders .

Here is where you can get more info on this overlooked condition:

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God bless!