Saturday, July 28, 2012

A poem... Lupus, autoimmune disease , and just well..feeling crappy!

Its not my imagination by Liz R

My right eye’s always twitching.

My legs are filled with lead.

I am forever dropping things.

And they say it’s in my head.

I have six pairs of glasses

With no two quite the same.

And I wear each one on different days

‘Cuz my eyes keep playing games.

I have this buzzing feeling

Deep inside my head.

And a jolt of electricity

Just made my feet fly off the bed.

Sometimes my throat won’t swallow.

Sometimes I pee my pants.

When I ask the docs, “Is this MS?”

They just say “There’s a chance.”

When my tongue went into spasm

It did a u-turn in my throat

And blocked my life’s-breath airway.

The doc said, “Make a note.”

My legs went numb and swollen

And doctors shook their head.

But they won’t put a label on it

Until I’m good and dead.k

The vertigo is dreadful,

The burning skin’s a pain.

The doctor give me lots of pills

And says, “Come back again!”

It isn’t diabetes

Or syphilis, or a tumor.

But they won’t tell me what it is

And I’m almost out of humor.

One neuro just shook his head

And said, “See Dr. House.”

Another actually said, “Get laid.”

A third, “Redecorate your house.”

I am not a hypochondriac.

This whimsical thing is real

So please just give me a definite name

For the crappy way I feel!

Liz R.