Friday, January 17, 2014

Finding normal....PRO ESTROBLOCK

I need to get back in the groove, last year bought many turmoils, but alas, God is there and you just keep going !
  Started the new year with perhaps another autoimmune disease that is making me well known of limitations and pain that came on, been researching and hope to maintain.

  If any of you ladies are going through hormonal issues, or going off the pill, I recommend PRO Estroblock if you are having acne.  It will get worse first and take a few months to get hormones back on track.  I tried it 3 months ago after hysterectomy and yaz and still dealing with a lot skin issues, oil.  I feel it was not adequate as I still had cysts after 4 months, getting frustrated, so I contacted Estroblock and they said to try doubling it to 4, so I have tried and getting some relief, AND when your urine is dark you are still getting rid of toxins (It doesn't tell you that anywhere I seen, the rep said that)  Natural product, available at amazon a bit cheaper, but I use a pro strength and it is a little more.

  Arnica is great for bruises,mild pain , but not in the side of strong pain...I like to use herbal when I can and will.  Alas, the pain I'm having of thinking its ankloysing spondylitis is not taking kindly to the truce.  I pray for the many that have chronic health conditions, pain and suffering and to them please keep hanging in there!  It helps to know others have that endurance.

 For those looking to help others I recommend  We can always help and love others!
Stay blessed, stay well, and God be with you !

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