Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Good Morning Snowland (again)

The storms have not yet passed~~ although we do indeed need them! The cat won't go outside without snowshoes, and the weiner dog is so low to the ground snow drags on the belly!  Alas he got a handsome tie/collar in the mail from a winnings so he can go out and party with the big boys.

The cold has put a lot of elderly down with pneumonia and flu here, so indeed it does make it's mark. 

I pray for those with chronic illness as this cold time of year is so much harder to deal with and if you suffer depression, winter is a down time--I MISS MY SUNSHINE!!  looking forward to garden time and some sun at least, as I have not gotten out of the driveway for 2 weeks.  Have to wait for the hubby to get home with 4 wheel drive to get to town.  When we walk it is 2-3 miles and  I know my kids can do it, but I had an old injury that causes the body of mine to disagree!

  Always thankful for friends near and far, and all the hard working men and women out there in the armed services.  We are so blessed to not be persecuted as in other countries for our beliefs and to have the freedoms we do.  Not tortured, maimed and beaten because we go to church.  
 Blessings to your day wherever you are and what you are doing, for we all have a purpose!!! 

Hugs from snowland!
Freebie of the day for those Armed Service members, A blue star flag in their honor:


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