Saturday, January 8, 2011

Homicide in Rural town--last one was 18 years ago~ Colorado

As saddened news last evening, a friend of my hubby's went over the deep end and shot his soon to be ex wife dead.  There was so much more involved that the news never reports of course, as they were going through many difficulties.  A shortened marriage in the rounds with a baby girl involved.  My hubby had just talked to him a week before and he talked to him about the problems he was having, paying 2 mortgages, going through divorce, trying to get custody, and who knows what else behind closed doors.  
  As in this small area, many violent crimes do not occur, but we have heard of so many marital probs, financial, affairs, alcohol, meth/drugs amid  turmoils that it surprises me that more do not.  We live in a coal mining area with very good pay for miners especially and, well,  money doesn't buy love and can buy all sorts of trouble. Please uphold all involved in prayers as that little girl's life has just been changed forever! 
  He did turn himself in and I do not know where that little one is going as he has no family here that we know.

  Years ago we also knew of a man that was killed in an accident locally and the woman he was having an affair with was riding with him at the time--she survived.  Imagine telling the wife that there was another woman with him during the accident in which he was killed.  So many people hurting in this world!  We can only pray for them. 

 Thank you God for the blessings of my family that I hold dear and the friends for which I can try to be an influence on during life's trying times and to know that You are there with us all, even when it seems all is lost.  May we not forget that lives around us can change in an instant and forever change course.  Let us be stewards of prayer to uphold others.

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