Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bread day-blustery day-I am eeyore!

I have enjoyed making bread and never did get it right when I followed the recipes for bread, so when I followed the back of the yeast package, well , duh, I had progress!! And if you get a chance to get a silicone bread pan (a present from hub) they DO make a lot of difference!  So on the Colorado blustery day, I feel like Eeyore, so I have slapped some bread with some spices in it to see if that will work... :)
 For all you that homeschool--don't sweat the small stuff--I did too much and my kids are still halfway ok!! we moms can't pack that guilt trip everyday that we are doing something wrong, not enough, etc. Please look after your health also, as moms do hold alot inside of them and it can do some yuckies to you emotionally and physically. Our kids will still be productive adults (God willing) as we lead by example daily and they can (believe or not) see we make mistakes and life goes on! So travel to that little island we have set aside in our minds where the winds gently blows a song of sleep as the sun warms your soul! Don't forget to take your bible..I would take all my friends on an island trip if I could--so be prepared when I call you SOMEDAY!! love to all in God's blessings!  

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