Tuesday, January 10, 2012

In memory of murder suicides and those left behind

In Memory of the recent murder suicides across the country--Desparate times, prayers for those left behind..(I know this is only a part of the compilation of tragedies)
  It is shocking these days to see in the news so many murder/suicides happening and seeing the downward spiral of people's lives spin out of control; a saddening measure in our country where our neighbors could be in such inner turmoil and we not even notice it.  Those left behind to question the why's of these situations and the hurt that follows for years to come.
  As a Christian it hurts me so to see as in one suicide note said: "please pray for my soul" and to know that by that time it is to late for the soul when the end has come.  That as followers of Christ we are to keep vigilant in the spreading of Jesus in these hours when people are willing to take their lives so easily.  

 OHIO--Jan. 10, 2012, 4 people :  Paul Gilkey was upset that relatives had given his wife tea and toast after he had already peeled an orange for her.
 The dispute over food set Gilkey off, and that during an argument he retrieved a handgun from his bedroom, then killed his own son and two of his wife’s sisters Monday afternoon.
 Gilkey’s wife, 59-year-old Darlene Gilkey, witnessed the shootings from a hospital bed in the living room but wasn’t hurt. She is dying from cancer.
ARKANSAS--Jan. 10, 2012, 2 people: 

"An Arkansas woman who adopted her granddaughter after her son's death in Iraq stabbed the 7-year-old girl in the chest and then set fire to their home in an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said Monday.
Janice Robbins, 63, left a suicide note in her pickup truck before killing her granddaughter, Abby Robbins, and herself on Saturday, Faulkner County sheriff's spokesman Maj. Andy Shock said. In the note, she wrote that she didn't want to leave the girl behind."
Abby's father, Army Staff Sgt. William T. "Terry" Robbins, was shot and killed by a fellow soldier in Iraq in 2005 during a dispute over alcohol.
Sometime after his death, Janice Robbins adopted Abby, with the process becoming final in 2010.
 In her suicide note, Robbins begged, "Please pray for my soul."
MIAMI--Jan. 8, 2012:  2 people:
"69-year-old Jorge Astacio shot and killed his wife before turning the gun on himself;the couple, who had been married 20 years, were having marital trouble as said by a friend.  The couple's daughter, her boyfriend, and their young daughter were also in the home.
4 people:

Husband Kills Wife, 2 Children in Cross River Murder-Suicide

by: Katie Ryan O’Connor and Kevin Zawacki
Samuel Friedlander was faced with the realization that he and his wife would be headed through a divorce and decided that it was not going to happen for him. On Wednesday Debbie Bernstein,the business partner to Samuel’s wife Amy,called police when she had not heard from her since Tuesday. When the police arrived they found  the Friedlander children,10 and 8,shot in their beds with their mom, Amy, bludgeoned to death. Samuel was in the basement where he took his life.
COLORADO, Dec. 2011, 2 people 
Grandparent had custody
62-year-old William Ahrold and his son, Jackson Ahrold, were found in a van over the weekend. The Ahrolds were reported missing by the Denver Police Department on Dec. 13 and were last seen on Dec. 9.
Grand County Coroner Brenda Bock said Jackson Ahrold died from two gunshot wounds is his back. William Ahrold died from a single gunshot wound to his head. Bock said that the boy was autistic.
A 32-year-old Colorado Springs man was fatally shot in an apparent murder-suicide Wednesday evening in Dixon, Mo.
Dixon City Marshal Cliffty Yoakum said town resident Gary Ball, 30, shot Theron Parlin, a construction contractor from Colorado Springs, 17 times in the face before reloading his 9mm Glock pistol and turning the gun on himself.
August, 2011:

COLORADO SPRINGS, COLO. -- Colorado Springs Police officers said a man found dead in the 300 block of East Las Vegas Street in the city Friday evening shot and killed his wife and also shot his son before turning the gun on himself.
Officers responded to the area around 5:04 p.m. and found a man dead on a sidewalk outside the home, a woman dead inside and a man who had been shot but was still alive.
The El Paso County Coroner's Office completed autopsies on the man and woman who died, ruling the woman's death a homicide and the man's death a suicide, both from gunshot wounds.
Jan 2011: COLORADO

Colorado Springs Police have identified the couple as 44 year old Pamela Sevey and her husband, 48 year old Aaron Sevey. Police reports show Aaron died of multiple gunshot wounds. It appears Pamela Sevey was the one who pulled the trigger and then shot herself.

A look at past court documents show the couple had numerous filings including restraining orders against each other, accusations of sexual assault and violence, and divorce filings that were later dropped.
Pam Sevey's Facebook page could leave some insight into her mind set leading up to the shooting. About 30 minutes before she and Aaron were found dead, a post says that she had found her husband in bed with another woman.
This is the first homicide in Colorado Springs for 2011.


Lafayette police found the two bodies in the back seat of a car in the garage at 1524 Harvest Drive around 10:30 p.m. Wednesday. The Boulder
Patrice Clark in a photo from her MySpace page, with a girl identified as her daughter, Nicole. (Courtesy photo)
County Coroner's Office has not determined the cause of death, but the garage was full of fumes and there was no physical trauma, leading officers to suspect carbon-monoxide poisoning, police said.

Lafayette police Cmdr. Gene McCausey told reporters Thursday morning that investigators' “first assumption” is that the deaths were the result of suicide. When asked whether that would qualify as a murder-suicide, McCausey said such a determination ultimately would be made by the Coroner's Office.

Authorities haven't released identities, either, but people who knew the victims identified them as Patrice Clark and her daughter, Nicole, who is either 9 or 10 years old.

Later Thursday, McCausey said investigators have much more work to do before they can determine what happened in the garage.

“Whether this was deliberate or accidental, that is what detectives are struggling with,” he said.
he Boulder County Coroner's Office has identified the father and toddler who were found dead in a Longmont house Sunday night. David M. Heydenburg, 38, and Allyson Heydenburg, 3, were found by police in the 1200 block of Red Mountain Drive.

The exact cause of their deaths is not being released at this time, pending further investigation. A lengthy suicide note was found.

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