Hello everyone.
Tyler is ok for now he’s having jaw pain and leg pain and his chest hurts him his face is still swallow and looks like it has a egg sitting own it, also has a open wound that has not closed up completely . Dr Rodriguez’s was called and he said he thinks he’s ok. It Seems like Tyler will have to learn to live with pain. Tyler’s next appointment is January 26th in Maryland and Dr Rodriguez’s will decide what is next for Tyler, and when we will be doing the bone transplant. Tyler’s Dad Richie still not too happy about that but says he will do it [he’s afraid]. Dr Rodriguez said that the plastic will have to come out of Tyler’s jaw it was just put in for a temporary fix. I still love and trust Dr Rodriguez’s and his teams so much he’s a wonderful Dr and will never give up on Tyler. The next surgery is going to be a scary one, and Tyler’s face doesn’t look the same anymore. He still has the two big places where he lost his hair this worries him. Just imagine if this was your child I will never give up on getting Tyler help even if I have to stand out holding on a jar for donations. God must have some great plans for this child. Even if you cannot donate you can keep praying for Tyler he still loves the mail that is sent to him.
Jayden is still sick and throwing up. I wish they would find out what’s wrong with him. Ethan is OK and Nathan is doing good Nathan loves school. Tyler’s teacher still coming to the house, and said Tyler is doing well in his school work. Tyler loves Mrs. bright who is also Nathans k4 teacher. Tyler’s sitting around playing his games he got for Christmas. God has been so good to us and sends his angels to help Tyler and our family may god bless each and every one of you.
The Little Rebel restaurant has told us that they will do a cruise -in in April to help Tyler. Mrs. Leeann Shelton will be arranging it. She’s so Sweet and loves Tyler so much if there’s any of the churches in Greenville or anywhere that would do a benefit for Tyler of some kind that would be so great. Just get in touch with us at
God always provides a way to get Tyler’s to his treatments all the way to Maryland 600 miles cost and Medicaid will not cover his medication in Maryland unless he’s in the hospital. If you can donate that would be great, or mail gift card for food. if you want to donate. Even the smallest amount counts up.  www.tylertucker.com .

Or payal to

Tyler Tucker c/o Darlene Cox
PO BOX 14386
Greenville, SC 29610
You all are the reason that Tyler gets the medical attention. He gets he couldn’t travel without you’re the assistance from you guys donations. Our family and Tyler really appreciates it! Even if you can only give a few dollars please don’t think that won’t help because it does.
Kiss your children and tell them you love them you don’t know what tomorrow may bring. I really couldn’t cope with this without God in my life. The school picture was taken back in August Tyler don’t look that way now but he’s still beautiful in my eyes! God hears your prayers so please keep praying for Tyler.
Thank all of you we love you all!"