Monday, April 25, 2011

Good Monday Morning western slope !

Hope everyone had a great weekend!! We had 9 kids looking for eggs (haha) and 8 adults there for a wonderful dinner.  I am thankful for the sisters in laws that cook very well. I am NO Martha Stewart myself and I call myself the Hamburger helper queen--I can make you a wild dish of delight in that area! 
 When there was some sun last week, the hens got a new toy and were dusting in MY garden spot--they are the helpers here..

****************************************************************** is a great place where families of loved with illnesses can post websites and progress... I keep up to date on several through the Make a Child Smile organization and it is great for the family/kids projects to just drop a note of encouragement to those that need it much..
This is a young fellow going through much and his story is HERE..there is an address to send some encouragement also..

Have a great Monday!!! Blessings to all friends and family!

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