Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday keeping thankful !!

From snow to sun Colorado is known for the change in weather !!
It is anybody's guess here, so today has graced us with SUN!! yeah, just like the SON graces us each day and when I am grumbling and complaining about certain things, HE brings blessings daily and covers us even when we feel bare to the bone! 
 this was the hail storm of spring that visited us!!

  Even when we are feeling ugly and blah, am glad that God thinks we are beautiful.  WOW here is something that God made and is beautiful!!!  (His mother loved him too I'm sure)

To another day and wishes, prayers and new hopes for the day in living in the grace of God and to keeping going onward in life!!!

                                                          Bring on the weather!!!!

                                            Good friends and family keep on loving!!!

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