Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Guilt and the cancer

Sometimes I am at a loss for words--you know the times when there are none to say and for which the thoughts take over and over, until guilt as nasty as it is come nipping in over the heart.

  We have all had whether we are mothers, fathers, children, neighbors..but what we do with it is the difference.  I was reading an article that it is only in YOUR head..that is right and people will weigh you down to make themselves feel better.  Guilt is like a cancer spreading to the mental and emotional aspects of life and taking your power and livelihood.
Others do try to make you feel guilty as that is what THEY are feeling and throwing that anger at you--not dealing with it themselves.  How easy to pass the blame and anger to others instead of quietly resolving it within and with the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  I know satan knows my weaknesses and that is one, when the shards of glass are thrown for not doing what THAT person thought I should. Yes that powerful, cunning satan knows he can get me down to my knees in insult..and when we are down there we better PRAY!

 God bless you all that may be wrapped in the warfare of guilt by others and let it go, lest it destroy you as guilt and bitterness can. Renew the mind, seek upward and onward we keep going..

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