Friday, May 13, 2011

Still snow on mountains here, How crafty are some people!!!

  RAIN today and winds in the mountains of Colorado..yes we still have snow up there on them hills!!! Praises for the moisture as God knows what we all need, and the weeds are certainly showing greatness!  
 For the blessings of talents, we know someone who does this awesome wood work here in the little ruralness of America and loved this one:
                   All from one piece of wood!!!!

My great find of the day was an interesting rock that looked like a shell had been fossiled in it, I love rock and collecting them, seeing the river rocks and the smoothness they have, as they start rough and end polished--like what we go through in the storms of life, even if it is for years, the turmoils can polish us in all sorts of ways..Bless the polishing!!! 
 And alas the dog  of the house went for a car ride and used the floor as his rest when I forget his leash--look at him giving me the eye because I did!!!

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