Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keeping up in the storms of life


I just seen on the news that almost 124,000 people are registered in Colorado for marijuana use right now and this is bothersome in knowing there is also a link shown when using it to that of psychosis,so am wondering what these current users may have happen in the next decade.  
  I am seeing a family member go through the hell of schizophrenia/psychosis at the time and trying to get treatment for it.  In also contemplating that the fact of what we do to our bodies in what we ingest, such as drugs, you think that has no effect eventually?  
  Mental disease is one of the saddest disorders, in my opinion, for the one who suffers as well as the ones that try to help and can only watch their loved one turn into another person at times.  It is a crushing, ripping and tearing of the heart that can leave permanent scars, lest you be careful not to harbor guilt, resentment and bitterness on yourself for the anger, frustration, tears over this.  I have figured I can only do so much; the person is not theirselves, and that I can't control their behavior.  Even if I have to walk away or put the phone down, to keep my sanity and health is important as I myself can't deal with too many conflicting emotions flying without that stress eating me alive.  
  I have autoimmune disease of the thyroid that when stress of any kind is around, then it flies into another drive of overdoing the system.  Migraines, pain, hernia is other things my body fights and gets mad when I am paying attention to a long list of turmoil.
  When you are caregiving of any kind, you realize that through the tears, strains and storms you will rise above it for the better.
 What doesn't kill us makes us stronger!!!!
Humor helps with a great cup of comfort tea..I suggest that sleepytime and the the tension tamer tea with the wonderful dragon on the front from Celestial.
  Keep yourself well, calm, enjoy the things you like to do and take time for self with friends or people that lift you up and DON'T feel guilty for it.  
 So grab some chocolate, or cookies, or fudge...I love candles I had that smelled like chocolate!!! I had to be careful not to eat it!
Love to friends and family of which I am richly blessed! 

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