Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wednesday wanderings and brain mush

The awesome sun is blessing us today and the wind is stirring up some promises of either passing storms, or more sunshine!
  I have to reflect on the last week and wonder that at times God shines me some victories, some boredom, stillness and some trying times that I honestly could not on my own deal with in working through them.  I am fortunate to be blessed by the surroundings of prayer from beautiful friends I adore!! 
  As I look unto the sufferings of Jesus and what His life was in enduring the moments He went through and that We are always being held by God, I realize that these life lessons are there for OUR maturity in the walk with Christ and to see them as nothing less.  He brings you closer at these challenging times when you you get smothered by the bleakness, blankness and despair.  The tears shed are known one by one by the ONE that cares for us daily and every moment of our lives.  
  We keep standing victory over the evil strongholds that  try to weigh us away from peace in God.  
  I got to reflect today when my son and I were wondering by the park and looking at the rocks I love with their designs and the smoothness of the ones washed by the roughness of the water..we also have to go through the rough times to get more polished and shine!!!  AND he always brings LOVE...these little tiny rocks were reminders today I found...
 LOVE and blessings to all friends and family near and far and please know how special you each are!  You are diamonds!  Shine on! 

  P.S.  NEVER carry a grudge--they are so powerful they WILL end in slowly killing you, learn to release past mistakes and forgive others.  It is important for your health.  The only person you are hurting is yourself!  I have seen people to this very day harbor terrible hatred that turned to bitterness that fed that grudge to that suicide that eats you away.

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