Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day and we love our country!!!

To an American Soldier -

Thank you for fighting for me, my family and friends, even though we may never meet. Your selfless sacrifice is too often times taken for granted or forgotten.

Thank you for believing in our great country and fighting to keep her free. In some countries you are told what to believe, how to act, living in fear, tyranny and torture.

Thank you for the freedom to choose where I will work, live and who I'll be. In many countries people are told or forced to serve their country, forced to have a certain career, forced to live in a certain place. Americans have a choice.

Thank you for the freedom to travel, for fast food restaurants and grocery stores. Many countries ration gas, and automobiles are a luxury, while we Americans can come and go as we please and buy a car and gasoline. In some countries people will wait in a long line and spend a week's wages for an over-priced loaf of bread or piece of meat to feed their family, or worse yet, wait in line for foreign aid workers to give them their family's portion of rice and water. We just have to wait in a check-out line.

Thank you for the freedom to worship. No matter my faith, I can find churches, cathedrals, synagogues and temples to worship God. In foreign lands, my beliefs are illegal and even punishable by death.


Total Fatalities   6,013

Operation Iraqi Freedom: 4,442
Operation Enduring Freedom: 1,571

30% are ages 18-21

In the World War II generation, about 16 million served in the armed forces.
More than 3 million World War II veterans are alive. About 1,000 die each day.
                      GOD BLESS those that served!!! 


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