Sunday, May 8, 2011

Prescription drug overuses are rampant and needs awareness


I am unfortunately writing this post from a personal standpoint that has taken some forethought in putting down here.  It is to warn the friends and families of loved ones out there that when anyone gets prescriptions from a DR. to stay on the prescribed doses, and to know that these are just as addicting and habit forming as street drugs.  These pills can shape lives into a tangled mess where the web has been spun into a whole defeated structure of loved ones in the wait.  
  A  church member this morning said her niece just died from overdose of pain pills, and there are MANY silent stories of those struggling, those watching and waiting for things to get better. 
  It is something to warn your teens about in the experimental time of life when kids use anything for the 'high' or 'numbing of life'.  It is a subject to talk about with your spouses, friends, parents whenever they take a pill.  They think because it has a Dr.s ok then nothing can go wrong!  The side effects of mixing with other drugs is even more disastrous.
  Look up prescriptions online or get an up to date book that lists the warnings AND be aware of them.
  For example, "a widely abused drug is oxycontin and  is readily available by prescription to anyone who has undergone major surgery or sustained a major injury, which increases the potential for misuse. Often, teens will get their hands on oxycontin for the first time because their parents or another relative or friend keeps leftover oxycontin after they've stopped taking it. Because the medication wasn't prescribed for them and they aren't aware of the risks, teens may abuse the leftover prescription and quickly become addicted."   link of info HERE

  Kids as young as 12 are using with increasing numbers of abuse happening over all age groups.  The National Institute of Drug abuse has more helpful info here.  Please check these out. 
    In 2009, more than twice as many people died from prescription drug abuse in Colorado than from drunk driving. 

  Alex Hunter of Colorado's twenty year old son died when he took pain pills with alcohol last year and was warning every parent of keeping the drugs put up the same way you would a gun. 
"I had (OxyContin) in my medicine cabinet. I wasn't using it at the time. I was sloppy about it, so now I've got my story as well as John's," he said. "People need to understand just how potent this stuff is."  news article HERE 

  IF YOU have a problem, please, please bring this out in the open before you are too late.  Talk to your loved ones, this shows a sign of strength, not weakness....


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